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Wino 101:
Sight. Sound. Smell. Touch. Taste…  all five senses. What immediately comes to mind? No, you pervert! Not sex, wine! 
          Sight is when you observe the wine bottle label to see if your guest has brought cheap pluck or “real” wine. A crumpled paper bag is usually a bad sign.
  Sound is when you hear the pop of the cork, Or, more likely, the sound of your own cursing when the cork breaks off in the bottleneck.
Touch is when you hold the bottle of expensive wine, way above the wine glass, to show off by pouring the contents into the glass, only to miss and splash red wine all over the host’s rare Persian rug.
   Smell is the ‘first nose’ or immediate olfactory impression of the wine, in this case, the smell of vinegar as you desperately try to clean the host’s stained rug.  
   Taste is the ‘mouthfeel’ the moment the wine touches the tongue and the palate. Unfortunately, the texture of this wine on the palate feels like little pieces of broken cork.
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