We are a unique on-line boutique and licensing agency. We create, make, sell, license, and protect proprietary brands, products & designs.



    • Creativity On Demand – We brainstorm with clients and think on our feet
    • Brand Creation – We help clients create Unique & Protectible Brands & Products
    • Brand Protection – We help clients protect and enforce their Intellectual Property
    • Brand Licensing – We help clients license their Intellectual Property
    • Legal Support – We help clients avoid legal problems. We troubleshoot legal issues before they occur and secure the most beneficial terms for our clients.


Licensing & Legal Support:

We specialize in licensing and protecting  brands and products –our own and those of select clients.

We not only  strive to help our clients avoid legal problems but also secure the most beneficial license terms, such as: correct royalty rates; favorable net sales definitions; broadest grant of rights possible; correct term; right territories; renewal options; fair guarantees; reasonable approvals; exclusivity, whenever possible;  licensor marketing and legal support.

Our founder and CEO serves as lead attorney. Licensed to practice law in the states of New York and California; Washington, DC; and the United States Federal Courts: he can negotiate agreements; coordinate legal responsibilities with clients’ attorneys and manage the complete legal process.

For more information, pricing & terms, contact: Licensing@Euphorium.BUZZ

For legal services, contact:




For more information, pricing and terms, contact Licensing@Euphorium.BUZZ