True Love Is Solid As A Rock™


"Love Stones® are a girl's best friend"

Your handcrafted LOVE STONE® is a heart-shaped rose quartz crystal  on a leather necklace. Inexpensive yet elegant, your LOVE STONE® is a powerful token of love.


Your LOVE STONE® is a rose quartz crystal cut into a heart shape and polished by a skilled artisan. Known as the "Love Stone", each Rose Quartz Heart radiates unconditional love.


The LOVE STONE® box easily turns into its own magnetic display. It opens to reveal a heartfelt poem of true love right above your talisman.


Spread Love!

Planning an event? We offer value Party Packs of 24 LOVE STONES® for joyous occasions such as Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera, Bat Mitzvahs; Proms; Sorority Socials; Bridal Showers, and Weddings.


The PARTY PACK contains 24 LOVE STONES®. They come in an easy to open & set-up display carton. A 24-piece display carton costs $240. That's only $10 apiece!
LOVE STONE® Specifications
Each LOVE STONE® comes on a 21" leather necklace and measures about 25mm x 25mm x 10mm. The reusable keepsake treasure box measures about 2" x 3" by 1". Each box is individually wrapped in durable cellophane.
LOVE STONE® Guarantee
LOVE STONES® are FOREVER. Leather necklaces may not be. We'll replace any leather necklace that breaks due to regular wear & tear - FOR FREE!





"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get  - only with what you are expecting to give, which is everything. "          Katherine Hepburn


Made in the United States (of LOVE)




hippie couple

When I first met Charlayne in high school. some 40 years ago, she wouldn't give me the time of day. I was definitely not her type.

However, for months, I gave her little gifts, many handmade knick-knacks; made with love. And lo and behold, over time, my grand gesture (because it takes a grand gesture} paid off. She wen t to  the senior prom with me, which created quite a stir with our classmates when we arrived fashionably late and floated down the grand staircase into the ballroom of  Valle's Steak House. She wore her mother's pink gown and I wore my father's tuxedo (without his knowledge of course). Everything stopped and our classmates just watched our descent and stared in amazement.


hippie couple

Charlayne and I have been together ever since; partner's in whatever we do.

Why do I tell this story? Because one of the gifts I gave her was a handmade necklace - a piece of rose quartz hanging on a string.

I told her that Rose Quartz was known as the Love Stone because it radiates unconditional love and attracts the love of others.  Well, that did the trick. Over the years, we've wanted to share this Love Stone with other like-minded people, so we created the Love Stone®. We've strived to make the Love Stone® as elegant and inexpensive as possible. A keepsake; a small but powerful token of love between young lovers like us, as well as mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters and best friends. It worked for us. We hope and pray it will work for you as well.